Brick and Holler is an idea, a way of life, a desire to get outside and create your own adventure.


Meet Thad & Amie

Brick & Holler, Co-Founder

Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Thad always thought he might want to live somewhere else that maybe had more to do.  As a teenager, he quickly realized he was in the perfect place to hunt, fish, camp, etc.. He did all of those things with his dad growing up before suddenly losing him in 2015 to cancer. Shortly after his Dad's passing, Thad & Amie started Brick & Holler.

We wanted to create a brand, a lifestyle to inspire people, to help people get a little closer to nature.

In 2021 we decided to create something that would work for everyone who shared the same love for the outdoors as our family does. Following the pandemic seemed like the perfect time for this since everyone was ready to get outdoors again. Not wanting to lose the values and experiences they grew up with, they created Brick & Holler Outdoors. This is their way of passing on these ideas and bringing others along with them.

Most of us are tied down with the normal hustle and bustle of our work life. We spend most of our time on the pavement or bricks, in the city, doing what we have to do in order to support our families. We believe we all share that desire to get out, whether that’s into the woods, or on the lake or up into the mountains, the holler. To find our adventure. To go back in time to a simpler way of life. To be inspired by the past. For a lot of us, the only time we have to do that is on the weekend or a couple of weeks a year.

We encourage people to get out to our national parks and give back while also taking advantage of everything nature has to offer us.

We have high expectations for our brand and you should too, let our gear work as hard for you on the weekend as you do during the week.

We're made for everyday people, and veteran owned. I have worn gear in every condition and climate on earth. Our philosophy isn’t much different from a Patagonia or a Cotopaxi in that we want people to reconnect with the outdoors. Get outside. We also want to strive to protect nature, to be in a position to give back, to have a platform to inspire others to give back and preserve the outdoors.